My husband is everything to me!

Esther before king  Psalm 45 was taken by the Jewish understanding to be praise to the coming Messiah (as confirmed by Hebrews 1:8).  I like to apply vv. 11-12 to myself, therefore, as a believer,  Listen, O daughter, give attention and incline your ear;  forget your people and your father’s house;  then the King will desire your beauty;  because He is your Lord, bow down to Him.

O, Lord, wean me of any adulation of worldly attractions;  cure me of my pitiful longing for the approval and respect of mere men;  remind me that I can never assure my security by my own efforts.  I can never succeed in establishing my own little kingdom, where I am my own sovereign.  Help me, Lord, to give up these misdirected insecurities and turn to and cling to You only, my Sovereign King.  As You wed me to Yourself,  I renounce all affections for my worldly, defiled past.

About heartcalm7

The author is grateful for the Faithful Shepherd who has patiently led him along in a very happy and fulfilling life. Discovering a relationship with God, he has moved from a life characterized by worried performance to one of grateful resting. He is a retired physician who has lived in Indiana and Texas, the married father of two adult men and four Montana grandchildren. Scripture memory and meditation upon it have changed his life, and he wishes to add value to the lives of others through his writing. He would be most grateful for you to join him in his journey.
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