“I will hear from heaven.”

If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”                                           2 Chronicles 7:14

Gratefully, our God is a God who hears — the very name given by God to Ishmael, to compensate for the harsh treatment of Hagar by the jealous Sarai — “because the Lord has given heed to your affliction.”  Hagar thankfully praised Him, “You are a God who sees.”                                                    Genesis 16:11, 13;  21:17

This same attentive Father-God who cares about the needs of His followers saw and heard and acted on behalf of His people during their suffering in Egypt:

The Lord said, “I have surely seen the affliction of My people who are in Egypt, and have given heed to their cry because of their taskmasters, for I am aware of their sufferings. So I have come down to deliver them from the power of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a good and spacious land, to a land flowing with milk and honey.”                                                                               Exodus 3:7-8

He cares for us in the way, hearing our pleadings, as we groan under the trials of life.  The Good Shepherd is especially attentive to His sheep who are humble and aware of their brokenness, eager for their Maker to fix them.

““For My hand made all these things,
Thus all these things came into being,” declares the Lord.
“But to this one I will look,
To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word
.”           Isaiah 66:2

Dear Father who cares for us, we thank You for hearing the crying of our hearts, for hurting with us, for seeing the troubles we face, and doing what is right and best for us.  We mentally throw the arms of our hearts around Your strong neck and cling tightly to  You for the strength we lack.

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