Misusing God’s Good Gifts


In Genesis 3, Eve is tempted by the Serpent to doubt God’s word and to doubt His character (vv 1, 4-5).  Likewise, we tend to think that God is a kill-joy, keeping us from enjoying things that seem attractive to us, not knowing that they can kill us and kill our relationship with Him.

When they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, “their eyes were opened,” then realizing they were naked.  This realization could have been sudden, or gradual.  Why did it not previously occur to them that they were naked?  Perhaps in their innocence, they just appreciated their differences and welcomed them as God’s loving plan for them.  One would assume the thought never crossed their minds, before the Fall, to misuse God’s good gifts to them. As they became aware of their nakedness did the man  insatiably hunger for sexual satisfaction and abuse his strength, pressuring Eve provide herself for his pleasure any time he wished?  Or was Eve tempted to misuse her seductive power over Adam, manipulating him with sexual attraction to get him to do as she wished?  If this were the case, they would be selfishly using God’s good gifts for their own purposes, becoming their own little gods.  It would be too dangerous to the world for such selfish little gods to live forever by eating the fruit of the Tree of Life, so the reluctant Father banished them from the Garden – temporarily.

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