Gifted to make a contribution

Exodus 31 records the Lord’s statement that He purposefully filled Bezalel with His Spirit, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts – such as were needed for the building of the portable tabernacle they would use during their wilderness wanderings, as well as all the accoutrements of worship.  In fact, God gave to all  the workmen on the project special skills for the accomplishment of this important work. This is in keeping with the gravity of the task — which would help the people of Israel worship in a reverent manner appropriate to the majesty of their King.

dreamstime_xxl_131671332.jpgThese are not spiritual gifts, such as are listed in the New Testament for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ.  I believe that He likely gifts all people in ways that help them to flesh out the glory of God’s creation.  Believers in Christ are given specific spiritual gifts to build up His people to maturity and usefulness.   But I also believe God generously gives common grace to all creation to show off attractively the beauty and goodness of His creation.  This can manifest in harmonious social order, soul stirring music, beautiful buildings, lovely paintings and sculpture —  God gifts people he can use to make the world He created run as smoothly as possible, even presently shackled by the corruption of sin.  People are used by God in their spheres of influence, through artistic endeavors, their careers, hobbies, community involvement, and neighborhood contacts.

Thank You, Lord, for standing back with satisfaction as You created the world and saying, “Now, that is good!”  Thank You for letting us be a part of Your precious creation.  Thank You for gifting us be useful to You in making the world run smoothly.  Thank You for using flawed, broken tools like us.  Forgive us where we fail You.

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